One thing that I have learned from working with thousands of women over the past decade is that we all have one thing in common.  No matter how old we are, where we live, if we are single or married, in high school or retired, we all want to get our SASSINESS on.  When we feel SEXY down to our SOULS we are tapping into our FEMININE POWER.

Now for those of you out there who are rolling your eyes saying “I can’t find this part of myself”… you are not alone!  Along our very complex journeys as women, including the times when life just doesn’t seem to give us an inch, or we feel trampled by emotions, breakups, postpartum depression, or menopause, it is so natural to loose it our SASS.

We commonly feel out of touch and disconnected with our bodies, afraid to even try to go near SEXY, SASSY or SOULFUL because it is unfamiliar and super SCARY.

Today is about opening the door and walking down into the dark and scary basement where the monsters live to find your personal power in your sacred SASSINESS.

I recently spoke to a client using this exact metaphor, and I remembered how scared I was of the basement as a kid.  I didn’t like going down there in the dark at all, even though I had plenty of room to sport my pink fuzzy roller skates and crank Eye of the TIger (for real).

Instead, I would BEG my little sister to hold my hand to go down the stairs, or even my mom or dad to turn on the light for us before we ventured down.

Today, I will be your little sister holding your hand down the basement stairs.  I will be your parent who turns on the light for you to be sure there are no monsters…let’s do this together.

There are so many ways to embody the SASSY, SEXY. and SOULFUL side of yourself, and you can start as slow as you like.  Here are a few small steps that will get you on the journey.  You can customize, adjust, and get as creative as you like…this is your SASSINESS after all.


This morning when I was getting dressed, I did what I do most mornings…I matched my cute lacy undies to my comfortable colorful bra.  I spent some time standing in front of the mirror appreciating my body, which many days is SO hard to do.  Then I picked out my clothes for the day.

As I got dressed, picked out a necklace and some earrings and put on my makeup, I consciously said to myself you are a GODDESS.  I took the time to feel just right in the clothes I was wearing, to adorn myself with just the right essential oil (today – plumeria) and to give some attentiveness and love to how I would EXPRESS myself in the world today.  It FEELS so good to do this.

I will tell you a little SECRET…I even do this on the weekend.  To me, spending just a few extra minutes adorning myself changes everything.  I don’t buy expensive clothes or jewelry very often, but I find ways to be inspired about my daily adorning…

PRACTICE:  Take just 3-4 extra minutes to adorn yourself when you get dressed in the morning.  Bring in the sacred intention, mantra, or affirmation.  Try sacred jewlery, lingere or essential oils.

2. SACRED Touch ~ ooh la la

There are many ways to wake up your body. One of my favorite is self massage. Many of us are more comfortable with a stranger massaging us than we are with our own special selves.  This can be as PG as you like, a little lotion or body oil (I love coconut oil for this), and a lot of self love can be amazing therapy.    Even if you are in relationship or partnership, nothing is the same as intentional self touch.  Experiment with what feels good, and get to know your body all over again.

PRACTICE:  Pick one night a week where you light a candle, take a bath, and then follow it up with some loving self touch.

3.  Get MOVING

The best way to move energy in your body and wake your body up is to MOVE IT.  What kind of movement you choose doesn’t really matter at all.  If you like walking…WALK, if you like cycling…CYCLE, if you like going to the gym, GO FOR IT.  Make sure there is pleasure involved, and find your MOVEMENT MOJO.

On our yearly Health + Yoga retreats (BALI BLISS 2014), we always include daily dance parties.  The first few days there is some resistance because many women are not used to this, but by day seven, HOLY MOLY, we are ROCKIN the house – one year we even BROKE a floor board – oops.  It is amazing.  Pick out your favorite song, or playlist and have yourself a little dance party!  You will be blown away by how good you can feel.

PRACTICE:  Next time you can find some time in your house or bedroom alone have yourself a little dance party.  Pick your favorite song, and shake it


One of our biggest problems, restrictions and obstacles to our own SASSINESS is this imaginary set of RULES we have superimposed on our lives.  Some of them come from our parents, some from society, and some from the little voice inside our heads that is always trying to SABOTAGE us.

They are NO good and most often get you NO WHERE.  If you can first recognize some of these rules (maybe make a list) and then look them over and ask yourself the question “Is this rule SERVING my highest good?”  Be honest now.  This is the time to get REAL.  Most of our RULES are not doing us any good at all.

Most of all, your SEXY, SASSY, SOULFUL is about living your authentic self all the way.  It is about infusing your life with passion, listening to your body, and creating a RADIANT life you LOVE.  We will show you how in our UPCOMING School for Radiant Living.  Check it out.  You are worth it.

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Every morning when I wake up in the dark, both kids asleep, and the house as quiet as can be, I make my way to my alter, sit on down on the purple meditation cushion I love so much and light a candle.  Something about the early morning speaks to me.  A moment to myself, a moment to be in the magic of the early morning, listen to my body and set intention for the day.

I only have a few minutes for this most days, as soon, both kids will be up, food will be made for breakfast and lunch, bags will be packed and missing socks will be found.  I often yearn for more time, more space, more quiet – but all I really need is just those few minutes to start my day.

I used to move through life trying to make the RIGHT choices (which, by the way, I often failed at), trying to please others, fit into a box, and “BE NORMAL” if that even existed.  It didn’t work so well.  Often I would end up in unhealthy relationships, not taking care of myself, or just exhausted by life.

Somewhere in there, with all my daily practices and ritual, all the personal growth workshops, all the mistakes and painful situations I put myself in, I realized “WAIT!!! It is all RIGHT here!!”  What used to feel like decisions from the outside in became decisions from the inside out.

I started listening to this body of mine which communicates so quickly and so clearly in the moment.  My body is wise, straight forward, clear, and strong.  All I have to do is listen.

*|FNAME|*, we all hold our wisdom and intuition in different parts of our bodies.  I hold mine right in my stomach.  When something doesn’t feel good it goes right to my GUT.  I feel a bit ol’ knot, often followed by nausea right here in my belly.  Hard to miss right?

Yes, hard to miss, but somehow it took me years of missing it to finally listen.

My body is my barometer, yours is also.  It is like tuning an instrument, it just takes a little practice and refining to get to the point where we first hear, and second listen.

I am not saying I can do this 100% of the time, but lately, WOW *|FNAME|*, it is really happening, and thank goddess for that!

Here are some POTENT POINTERS for you to cultivate your own BODY BAROMETER.


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How did you sleep?  Remember the days when sleep was something we expected to happen, no strings attached?  I used to just get in bed, and drift into dreamland and wake up the next morning. Time passed, kids happened, owning my own business happened and stressful adult stuff happened.  YES, times changed.  I know I am not alone because I now ask my friends the question, “How did you sleep?” more than ever before.  It is a common problem – we can almost all relate.

This week we explore the science of sleep, how to improve it, heal it and make it available to you again, once and for all.   We all know when we sleep, everything else becomes easier to handle.  We are free, at ease, and radiant in our lives!

Sleeplessness can often times be a sign of adrenal fatigue, yes stress, you know it.  This creates quite a conundrum since sleep is necessary to support adrenal function.

The cute little adrenal glands are not only considered the stress managers of the body, but they are also in charge of producing sex hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  When we are placed in stressful situations (which can happen on a daily basis for many of us) our adrenals are stimulated and secrete the hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

The surge of adrenaline creates a short-lived fight or flight response.  Following the adrenaline rush, cortisol is secreted to help subdue the effects of adrenaline.  Cortisol is also released in response to excess insulin production and low blood sugar.

When we are chronically stressed and consume poor diets, our cortisol levels remain high, which can lower both serotonin and melatonin levels in the body, the very hormones responsible for sleep.  Eventually, the adrenals burnout and become fatigued, resulting in low cortisol levels, which may ultimately lead to more disruptions in sleep.

The 4 top sleep rituals will provide you a nourishing sleep environment and then, the 5 top sleep supplements will help you lull off to sleep with ease. 

Sleep ritual #1:  Light

Did you know that your melatonin levels are super sensitive to light?  Melatonin (your sleep hormone) levels increase each day as the day light begins to diminish.  This is the reason we are a bit sleepier in the winter than we are in the summer.  When your melatonin is stimulated in the evening, and you start to feel tired – GO WITH IT.  Interrupting your sleep with unnecessary light can be just the culprit responsible for your sleep disruptions.  Dim the lights or light candles at night as you unwind and prepare for bed, then it’s “the darker the better” once you go to bed.

Check this out:  Even your digital alarm clock, your night light, the full moon, or the hall light can be disrupting your melatonin cycles.  Studies show if you make your room darker, you will sleep deeper.

Interesting Fact:  The green and white lit alarm clocks are actually brighter than the red lit versions.  Get yourself a new red light alarm clock to keep your melatonin levels happy.

Sleep ritual #2:  EMR

Electromagnetic radiation is a huge issue of our time.  We often clutter our sleep environment with to many EMR producing devices.  We are known to sleep with our phone beside our bed, our computer plugged in on the bureau, and the alarm clock balancing out the other side of the room.  Consider a EMR bedroom cleanse.  Get your devices OUT of the bedroom.

I personally have chosen to plug my phone in the other room (unless my teen is out late or I have a friend in labor) and keep my computer out of the bedroom.

Sleep ritual #3:  Unwind Your Beautiful Self

Do you watch TV right before bed or get caught up on those last few emails.  Are you staring at a screen all evening long?  If so, consider taking the last 30 minutes before bed to UNWIND.  I know it is hard to stop these habits, but this will make a huge difference in your nights sleep.  If your nervous system is constantly stimulated, you will have a hard time relaxing into deep sleep.

Try taking a bath, reading a book, doing a guided meditation or even a little restorative yoga.  Give yourself some quality down time at least 30 min before bed.

Sleep ritual #4:  Watch those Little Sleep Devils

They are sneaky, and often sweet, but they can really mess up your sleep rhythm. You probably know them well as do I.  Wine, sugar, and chocolate.  I know it can seem like bad news at first, but you can probably say you’ve known it all along.  To much of these little sleep devils and … a bummer night of sleep.  Waking up at weird hours with a jolt, restlessness, hot flashes…You know what I mean?  Keep those little sleep devils at bay.  A little – maybe.  A lot – you may regret it!

Need a little boost?  Here are 4 awesome NATURAL sleep remedies to check out.

Tryptophan or Melatonin

Melatonin is secreted by a number of body tissues, including the pineal gland, gastrointestinal tract, and the retina of the eye.  The production of melatonin, specifically from the pineal gland, is triggered by darkness and inhibited by light.  Since sleepless nights could be a result of faulty melatonin production, and not necessarily adrenal fatigue, taking this hormone, or its precursor (tryptophan), in supplement form may be beneficial for your weary eyes.


GABA, also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid, is an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter, promoting sleep and relaxation.  GABA also addresses anxiety and busy mind therefore settling the mind and helping you settle into a deep sleep. Kava kava, valerian root, American ginseng, and tryptophan may enhance the effects of GABA.  Theanine, an amino acid found in tea, may increase GABA levels, creating a calming sensation.  Adequate vitamin B6 in the diet can also support GABA production.

Vitamin C

Who knew? Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients in adrenal metabolism.  Cortisol production is reliant on the availability of this essential nutrient.  Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant within the adrenal cortex.  When picking a vitamin C supplement, be sure it is coupled with bioflavonoids and comes from a whole food source, such as acerola berry.

Ashwagandha Root and Leaf

Ashwagandha, an ancient Indian herb, has both anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties.  In terms of adrenal function, ashwagandha normalizes cortisol by either lowering or raising it, depending on the levels present in the body.  Because of this action, ashwagandha is considered very useful in treating adrenal fatigue. Also, it has been shown to promote sleep without causing sluggishness.  This herbal remedy is commonly found in either tincture or pill form at your local health food store.

It is time to sleep, repair, and regenerate.  The darkest hours have always revealed our shadows, our worries, our imbalances and what we have lurking under the bed so to speak.  With a few adjustments to your sacred sleep space and your internal cellular world you too can drift into dreamland once again…


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How have you been?  How is this transition from summer into fall treating you?

This summer has been full of challenges, hardships, tragedies and re-inventing myself from the ground up.  I feel some relief that we are sailing into fall. What felt like the WAY things were in my life, has now transformed into what we are calling (at my house) the NEW NORMAL.


The interesting part of this journey for me is that I have had feed back from the world at large that I am so SERENE.  My serenity is being reflected back to me from the outside world, both from those who know me well, and those who are new friends, acquaintances and clients.

It is interesting to note that I have received this feedback before, and it always makes me chuckle a little and smile to myself…WOW.  How is that possible with everything I have going on?

This last couple of weeks, with the Boulder floods and a pretty unique transition into fall I have been reflecting on what it is to which these people are speaking.  How have I managed to present SERENITY to the world?

After the floods, the trails in Boulder were closed for what felt like eternity (but was really just over a week).  On my first hike back on my most favorite trail last week, one that I often refer to as my church, I was brought to tears of joy and gratitude.  I realized that this feeling of serenity is something for which I have spent years practicing.  My sacred places, and daily practices have continually led me here.

Through all of life’s ups and downs, hardships, breakups, tragedies, transformations and breakthroughs I am here to share with you my personal distillation of the SCIENCE of SERENITY.

I am totally aware that we all have our own personal recipe for SERENITY, and probably more in common with each other than we realize sometimes.  I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share your serenity secrets herewe love to hear from you!

1.  Authenticity

Every new years eve I have myself a little ritual for the upcoming year.  A few years ago I picked the word AUTHENTICITY to be my focus, my mantra, my intention.  Living your authentic self to me means you are able to shed the layers of mask, remove the walls, and drop the filter quite a bit.  It means being your raw, beautiful, emotional, wise self.  But what I am talking about is showing the world who you really are the majority of the time.

The Boulder culture does support authenticity in a pretty effective way, which is probably why I love it so much here, and why I fit so well in this town.  We do give each other long hugs, and even shed the occasional tear in between the butter and the eggs at the grocery store.

What I really mean though, is I am committed to authentically living with myself.  I share when I want to share, I recluse and process when I want to sit with myself.  Both are good.  The common thread is really that I am in my truth with myself.  The hard emotions come, I sit with them, and then they pass just like all others.  They present their challenging moments, but so do so many parts of living in today’s world.  It is up to me to be authentic to who I am, so that I feel like I am honoring the deepest parts of me.

2.  Daily Practice

Having some method of checking in with myself each day has brought so much insight and awareness to my life.  The morning sessions on my meditation cushion, the practice sessions on my yoga mat, the journal writing I do to guide me through the confusing times, and really any opportunity I have to check in with myself has become so important.  It is like falling in love with myself through personal inquiry and attentiveness.

You, as well, can customize your personal practice you reveal your true self, to align with your own personal spiritual orientation, and inspire yourself into a deeper relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU!

3.  Nature

As I mentioned earlier, I have my own special hiking trail here in town.  I share it with so many others and I am always delighted to see my beloved mountain so full of love and community.  I call it my church because over the years it is where I go to clear my mind, to cry, to celebrate.  I have hiked that trail with my kids, my partners, my best friends, and especially alone.  That mountain has grounded me, held my sadness and shared her beauty with me for the past 18 years.

Being in nature (weather you have a special mountain, or panoramic view or a rock to sit on) resynchronizes us up with the bigger picture.  Nature resets us, and juices us up.  Nature provides us with a bigger birds eye view on life, so that we can gain perspective and knowledge.  YOU ARE NATURE, so remember to get in nature and remind yourself of who you really are as often as you can.

4.  Pleasure

I am a big fan of personal pleasure.  I am committed to changing the face of pleasure for women kind as a whole.  We are so often cut off from the pleasure we deserve to have in our lives.  So many of us feel like because our pleasure meter is often low, we tend to over indulge, binge or feel out of control around our pleasure.

Even in the midst of all that can pull us out of balance, or challenge our daily happiness, we have to start by celebrating the little pleasures.  Taking note of the beauty of the fall days, laughing with a friend, giving long hugs to loved ones, eating some amazing dark chocolate, or having a personal dance party can upgrade our moods, our energy and our overall health.  I have been doing this and it feels amazing.  Celebrate the small pleasures, so that the big pleasures are more attracted to our lives and we can trust ourselves to receive them more and more.


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Today’s blog is a SPECIAL one.  I have been waiting all summer to share this with you.

If any of you are like me at all, you spend a lot of time thinking about, preparing, noticing, and planning what you will eat each and everyday.  WHAT we eat and HOW we eat is a huge part of our human-ness, our instinct and hopefully our pleasure.

Some of us are better at this than others, and unfortunately our eating can be often wrought with struggle, stress and inner challenge.

If our relationship with food is SO primary to our nourishment, our relationship with SELF and how we FUEL our energy, WHY is this relationship is often so complicated?  Every day folks show up in my business, in my inbox, or on my facebook page with questions about not only what to eat, but how to eat and an even bigger question …WHY am I so confused about eating?

I had the great fortune to spend a little time with Marc David in a recorded interview.  I think you will really enjoy his insights and wisdom.

Marc David is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works: Nourishing WisdomThe Slow Down Diet, and Mind Body Nutrition.  His work has been featured on CNN, NBC and numerous other media outlets. His books have been translated into over 10 languages, and his approach appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for fresh, inspiring and innovative messages about food, body and soul.

You DON’T want to miss this.  He is innovative, inspiring and leaves me wanting more of his brilliance.

Take some time to click the link below for an interview you will REMEMBER and which may change the course of your journey with food plus his special offers regarding the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (and all of their upcoming juicy programs available to you world wide). Then let us know what you think as we LOVE your comments!


The Health Wise team has been spending time creating enticing social media portholes for you! Please check out Health Wise Facebook and Pinterest for more inspiration, recipes, and high quality articles, testimonials, and insights! 

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 Embody the Energetics of Fall

Here in Boulder we had a pretty abrupt transition into fall this year.  The 100 year flood initiates us into a new season, a new time, a time to practice all the tips that follow – DEEPLY, more than ever.  We may feel a bit shaky on new ground (literally) but with any transition comes a time to embrace change, a time to hold on to what we believe in most and shed the rest.

Such is the energy of the fall.  We can think of the floods as the cleansing waters just like fall is the cleansing season.  Purify into this magical season (it is my favorite season) and get ready to embrace the deepest most profound parts of yourself.

Fall, the season of harvest, a time to go inward, reflect and gather.  This time of year nature contracts, our abundant harvest begins to turn to preparation and storage for the winter, and we follow the energies of nature by listening inward, planning for our darker days and nights, and preparing for the upcoming stillness of winter.  Our sense of smell is heightened, and our appetite is stimulated by the fragrance of our warming foods. 

Our bodies want to release, and let go of sadness and grief that is stored in our lungs.  This time of cleansing is about releasing, letting go, and strengthening our bodies for the colder days.  Fall cleansing brings us deep sense of our truths and our connection to our bodies, our homes, and our communities.

Fall is one of the most colorful and abundant seasons of the year.  The heat of the summer has ceased, and we see the yellow hue in the sky as the sun hits the pumpkin fields and tall grass each afternoon. I love walking around the farmers market at this time of year because in the fall beauty, each booth is peaking with its fullness, each farmer has been able to see his/her year to full abundance and fruition. The air cools, the cooking creativity begins and we celebrate the harvest.

There are many ways to connect with the season of Autumn.  Children love to run through the corn maize and carve their pumpkins.  Adults often find themselves wanting to cook delicious fall soups and apple pies.  For thousands of years we have come together over delicious fall feasts connecting with our families and communities.

Here are a few fall tips you can play with this year to sync up with the season and align yourselves with the beauty of the harvest.


The wealth of gorgeous foods in there fullest expression is something to notice this fall.  The colors are bright and warming to the soul.  Our natural tendency is to gather the goods for the cold and dark winter to come.  Saving seeds for the following spring, storing root vegetables to make into yummy crock-pot meals, and canning some of falls delights make for fun family projects.


As the leaves fall to the ground in their bright orange and reds, there is a sense of letting go to acknowledge.  Autumn is the time of transformation between the growth of summer and the dormancy of winter. Things are winding down, and once the harvest is complete, there is an opportunity to follow the inward flow to self-inquiry and discovery.  If you have something to let go of, autumn is a perfect time to initiate this process.


Fall is known as the season associated with the lungs in Chinese medicine.  Often a time when children come home from school with upper respiratory coughs and weakness as the weather changes.  It is important to strengthen the lungs in the fall.  This can be done is a variety of ways but here are a few of my favorites:

Make sure you and your family exercise regularly. Pump the lungs often so they are strong and cleansed with rigorous life giving breath.

Many foods in the fall are known to support the lungs.  Root vegetables such as onions, leeks, and ginger are supportive to the lungs.  Fruits such as apples and pears care for the lung tissue as well.  Eating with the season is perfect to create healthy lungs.

Keep warm.  As the cooler nights come rolling in, make sure you are dressed for the season NOT the day.  Keep those lungs warm and cozy and you will naturally boost your immune system.


As you watch the leaves falling from the trees and becoming the earth‘s nutrients for next years planting, it is more obvious that fall has the energetics that flow downward and inward (as opposed the upward and outward energetics in the spring).  What are the aspects of your life that ground you and your family?  Make a list and practice these grounding activities regularly in the fall.

It is a nice time to take long walks in the colorful forest with feel the leaves crunching under your feet.  Consider collecting nuts, pine cones and fall treasures for an alter or a fairy garden with your children.  These small autumn rituals and habits help us harmonize ourselves with Autumn.  It is natural to sleep more, rest more, and begin to tune more inward towards introspection and healing.


Lush sunflowers, tucked in with the plump orange pumpkins is an abundance to celebrate.  The colors, foods, and celebrations of fall are in full abundance.  There is much gratitude to be observed in the beauty of the harvest. Set a seasonal outdoor table rich with a cornucopia of color and natures gifts to warm the heart of any celebration.  Share a gratitude blessing before your meals, as it promotes health and happiness.

Light a bonfire to take away the chill of the evening and join in a circle of friends celebrating fall in its glory.

Take it in!  The abundance is around your and within you.  Your only job is to notice and appreciate its radiance. Weather you are settling in to family and community for the long dark nights ahead, or rebuilding yourself after a devastating flood, remember all you need exists within.  You ARE the strength, your ARE the love.  


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I teach women how to deepen the relationship they have with themselves, their health and the way they move through life.  We call this self love and respect.  Being a yogini myself, I love to focus my work around ahimsa ~part of the eight limbs of yoga defined as compassion and non-violence to self and others ~ and the yogic path towards food, health and deeper levels of self-love.

If we are harming ourselves via our thoughts and actions, how is it we are creating more love and compassion in the world? If the QUALITY of our thoughts are not so good, how can our life experience be joyful?

I asked for help and support from a friend and wise teacher of mine.  We agreed that we all struggle at times and wrestle with our minds.  Also if we were able to practice the very first pledge in natural medicine “first, do no harm” which perfectly parallels with the practice of ahimsa, we would open and love ourselves without out all the self-bullying we so often hear in our thoughts.

What would life be like If we lived in an energy that was all embracing, all accepting, and we recognized our own inherent value and respected our uniqueness.

When we re-connect to our hearts and remember the endless well of self-love that is available, we unveil the strongest healing power known to humankind.  Using this power to awaken into each moment and each challenge, our health is automatically aligned at a deep core level.  Our daily choices moving from this heart place will always be for our highest good.

Want to practice?  We have awesome practices for you over on the Health Wise Interactive website.  Come visit and check out the SELF LOVE MEDITATION and the AFFIRMATION SKINNY, for a practice of self love to gently guide you back home.

We love to hear from you.  The Health Wise team has been spending time creating enticing social media portholes for you! Please check out Health Wise Facebook and Pinterest for more inspiration, recipes, and high quality articles, testimonials, and insights!


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Sexuality and sexual pleasure is a natural, organic, intimate and health inducing part of being a woman.  Although you may not experience this personally, as many do not, it is entirely possible to create the sex life of your dreams complete with creativity, passion, spirituality, and PLEASURES to fit your unique desires.

We all come with our personal stories, challenges, and sexual fantasies.  In order to practice a healthy sex life, it is important to discern our own personal pleasures from what our media and culture are telling us we SHOULD do, feel and be.

Our sexuality is so connected to our self-image, our self-esteem and our body-image that unwinding from these mixed messages is necessary to free our selves around sexual pleasure.  I like to call this “unleashing the TIGERESS”.

The G-spot

The G-Spot is an anatomical place on the roof of the vaginal canal behind the pubic bone. The G-Spot is both super sensitive to stimulation and can be orgasm inducing for many. Attaining sexual arousal and orgasm via the G-Spot is a delicate art that may require practice and patience.

The G-spot can bear much emotional memory and past trauma. With care and practice, stimulation can allow for deep healing and sexual renewal.

Isabelle Allende, one of my most favorite authors, was once quoted saying “The G-spot is between your ears not between your legs.” Even though this is NOT anatomically true, let’s investigate what she and many others have discovered about women and how we often respond to foreplay, sexuality, and intimate connection.

For women, the SEXY SAVVY BRAIN is responsible for more than you may realize in the bedroom.  Learn some techniques and practices to bring you high levels of pleasure and a little more fun, all in the name of health, freedom and femininity.

Listen to the enlightening downloadable interview from Deb Rubin, sexuality specialist ~  THE SEXY SAVY BRAIN  

Here are some proven-to-work-tips that will change how you think about sex and pleasure.

  • Healthy sexuality starts with YOU.  How much do you LOVE yourself and RESPECT your beautiful body complete with all of the blemishes, cellulite, and imperfections? Because we are so infiltrated with media’s external beauty myths it is critical you work with what you got with LOVE.  NO ONE has a perfect body OR a perfect body image.  Even when you see someone who must “never complain” about their body your are WRONG!  What we see on the outside has NOTHING to do with how a person thinks of themselves on the inside.  Start by practicing loving yourself naked in the mirror and/or awakening the senses through self massage, aromatherapy and personal pleasure.

Tip:  Do not compare someone else’s outside to your inside.  (not a fair comparison)

  • Trust your inner GODDESS ~ she knows.  We all have one, and when our inner goddess speaks we have to listen.  Many women feel obligated to fulfill their partner’s sexual desires and frequently ignore their own erotic or physical needs. Time to take the reigns back!!!  You can customize your sexual experience for your pleasure too.  In fact, most partners find that to be even sexier…

Tip:  Practice listening to the inner GODDESS and pealing her voice away from all of the negative, self critical inner dialogue.  LEAVE the CRITIC at the DOOR.

  •  Get TURNED ON by life.  Being turned on most often does not start in the bedroom.  It starts during your days when you feel inspired about life.  It starts when you wake up in the morning with purpose and a burning desire to be YOU in the world.  It starts when you authentically share your unique GIFTS.  When this is going on, your sexuality is expressed in everything you do + your re-energized self after more satisfying sex has more to give back to the rest of your life.  It is a DOUBLE WIN.

 TIP:  Turn on your life so you can turn on your sexuality (bonus ~ one will fuel the other)

Learn more with the following inspirational reading
The Art of Sexual Ecstacy, Margot Annand
The Pleasure of Menopause, Dr Christiane Northrup
Aphrodite, Isabelle Allende
Mama Gina’s Guide to Men, Mama Gina

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You may not know who E.D. is yet, and hopefully you will never have to deal with HIM in your head, running your thoughts or leading you down a not so good path.  But, If you are like most women you have struggled with variations of E.D. before.

Let me tell you a little more about him…E.D. is not a boyfriend, or any kind and supportive family member.  He is surely not a friend or neighbor.  E.D. (AKA Eating Disorder) is the voice that tells you to change clothes because of how your jeans fit.  HE tells you to eat less than what you are hungry for or to exercise harder so that you will look better in your bikini.  HE is most often quite critical of how you look, how you eat, and how you exercise, but HE is also the one coaching you to trick your body with diet pills, a false sense of beauty and even what is healthy and what is not.  HE might count calories for you, or tell you to loose a few more pounds. Beware, HE may even tell you to take extreme measures like restricting, purging or over exercising. E.D. is not trustworthy, nor empowering.  In fact, HE is quite the opposite.

Speaking about E.D. is the beginning of thinking of an Eating Disorder as a relationship rather than a condition.  This is one step towards beginning of a successful road to recovery that I have seen in working with hundreds of women and their personal versions of E.D..  Finding separation, empowerment and even freedom when it comes to our personal relationships to our own version of E.D. is a journey far too many of us have taken and even more of us strive to begin.

This week we have a VERY special story for you. This is a real life success story, from a very dedicated and passionate woman.  It is insightful, inspiring and a real-life journey to health and happiness.  Part of the journey for her is sharing, inspiring and reminding each of you that life without E.D. is a life much more liberating and full of vast exploration and possibility.

Some things you should know:

  • 42% of all 3rd grade girls want to be thinner
  • Over 10 million women struggle with anorexia or bulimia each year
  • The average american women is 5’4 weighing 140 lbs, while the average female fashion model is 5’11 weighing 110 lbs.
  • 50 % of teenage girls use unhealthy weight control behaviors to control their weight

This is powerful much needed work to heal a national problem.  If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, emotional eating, or disordered eating of any sort, there are many, many resources for you to explore.  You are not alone.  Feel free to reach out and we can point you in many supportive directions.  If you feel inspired to share your story too, please leave a comment here on our BLOG or FACEBOOK and we will be honored to read about your own unique journey.

Learning how to fall in love with life and finding a path to listening and being true to yourself can be yours.  Being in honor of your whole self ~ mind, body and spirit.  There is the possibility for health and freedom.  It starts with the first step.  It starts with asking for help and getting the support you need.

The Story Goes…

My life without E.D. began one year ago, in May of 2012. He had destroyed my most intimate relationship, he had mangled my study abroad experience, and he was preparing to kill me.

Sure signs of an eating disorder began seven years ago at age fourteen in my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I held my hands over my belly each night and morning praying God would give me a flat, lean belly; a belly that looked liked all the girls at my high school. When praying did not work, I began to do workouts in my bedroom each night and morning with endless abdominal exercises that would crank my neck and irk my low back.

These home workouts led to restricted eating and abundant exercising. Throughout high school, I wanted to be different, to distinguish myself from the other girls. I led a “healthy,” “active,” and “disciplined” lifestyle, one that had no balance and little indulgence.

When the time came to choose a college, Boulder, Colorado screamed health, activity and discipline. My parents hesitated to send in my application, but I pleaded with them to let me spread my wings and soar. I knew that E.D had my back if I began to fall, they knew they could take me home if my grades at C.U. were not up to par.

Instead of gaining “the freshman fifteen,” I lost fifteen pounds my freshman year. Exercise became an obsession, an activity that determined my class schedule because fitting a workout in between each class would make learning bearable. E.D. was discreet and lived under the radar of parents, friends and teachers. He surfaced in December of 2012, weeks before I was to leave for study abroad in Belgium.

After a fall semester obsessed with running, yoga and cheating on my long distance boyfriend, E.D broke up with my best friend and lover of seven years. E.D told me he kept me from achieving my dreams and I was too fat to be with someone as balanced and healthy as him.

I left for Belgium with a broken heart, a raging eating disorder and no will to fight. Most memories of my study abroad experience contain running, yoga and restricting delicious foods. When I returned, I was twenty pounds underweight, pale as a ghost and I lacked the energy to eat a meal with my family.

My mother took me to the doctor to treat an ear infection, which led to a blood panel, which led to my first therapy appointment. E.D convinced the therapist I was just depressed and ready to find balance again, but I had never had balance in the first place.

I gained ten pounds and moved back to Colorado with the intention of healing myself. That meant no running, just really long hikes and multiple yoga classes a day. I lived in a huge house where no one knew where I was going, so I trained for a half marathon alone. That race saved my life.

I posted an image of the start line on the Internet, without realizing I had not told my family I was in Utah running a race. My father flew to Boulder the next day and my journey began.

We toured several treatment centers (residence and outpatient) and created a team of therapists and doctors in Boulder to keep me in check. I began the nine-month Thrive Program with Sue and a five-month Intensive Outpatient Program at La Luna. I spent thirteen hours a week in therapy sessions (individual and group), one hour a month at the doctor’s office for blood tests and countless hours practicing self-care.

E.D kicked and screamed his way out of me. It has been a challenging year, but one I will never forget. Sue taught me balance and pleasure, La Luna taught me I am not alone, the doctors taught me weight is not the end all, be all.

Life without E.D is delicious. I eat what my body needs as well as what I want. I continue to exercise, but only doing the activities I truly love and that make me feel good. Life is no longer a disciplined obligation, it is a balanced and pleasurable experience with decadent breads, cheeses and chocolates to enjoy.

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Today we are speaking about the yoga of eating.  This concept is foreign to many of us as we try to navigate our way through the thicket of health and wellness trends coming to us from the outside world.  Most of these trends claim to be “The only way” to be healthy, the “one way” to find health and vitality.  Often claiming that there way works for everyone.  As much as this could make things simple if you stumbled upon the real “right way” there is also a disconnect and disempowerment in this approach because we begin to trust outside sources more, and listen inward to our intuition less.

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