Can you LOVE yourself BEAUTIFUL?

I teach women how to deepen the relationship they have with themselves, their health and the way they move through life.  We call this self love and respect.  Being a yogini myself, I love to focus my work around ahimsa ~part of the eight limbs of yoga defined as compassion and non-violence to self and others ~ and the yogic path towards food, health and deeper levels of self-love.

If we are harming ourselves via our thoughts and actions, how is it we are creating more love and compassion in the world? If the QUALITY of our thoughts are not so good, how can our life experience be joyful?

I asked for help and support from a friend and wise teacher of mine.  We agreed that we all struggle at times and wrestle with our minds.  Also if we were able to practice the very first pledge in natural medicine “first, do no harm” which perfectly parallels with the practice of ahimsa, we would open and love ourselves without out all the self-bullying we so often hear in our thoughts.

What would life be like If we lived in an energy that was all embracing, all accepting, and we recognized our own inherent value and respected our uniqueness.

When we re-connect to our hearts and remember the endless well of self-love that is available, we unveil the strongest healing power known to humankind.  Using this power to awaken into each moment and each challenge, our health is automatically aligned at a deep core level.  Our daily choices moving from this heart place will always be for our highest good.

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