How My Body became my BAROMETER

Every morning when I wake up in the dark, both kids asleep, and the house as quiet as can be, I make my way to my alter, sit on down on the purple meditation cushion I love so much and light a candle.  Something about the early morning speaks to me.  A moment to myself, a moment to be in the magic of the early morning, listen to my body and set intention for the day.

I only have a few minutes for this most days, as soon, both kids will be up, food will be made for breakfast and lunch, bags will be packed and missing socks will be found.  I often yearn for more time, more space, more quiet – but all I really need is just those few minutes to start my day.

I used to move through life trying to make the RIGHT choices (which, by the way, I often failed at), trying to please others, fit into a box, and “BE NORMAL” if that even existed.  It didn’t work so well.  Often I would end up in unhealthy relationships, not taking care of myself, or just exhausted by life.

Somewhere in there, with all my daily practices and ritual, all the personal growth workshops, all the mistakes and painful situations I put myself in, I realized “WAIT!!! It is all RIGHT here!!”  What used to feel like decisions from the outside in became decisions from the inside out.

I started listening to this body of mine which communicates so quickly and so clearly in the moment.  My body is wise, straight forward, clear, and strong.  All I have to do is listen.

*|FNAME|*, we all hold our wisdom and intuition in different parts of our bodies.  I hold mine right in my stomach.  When something doesn’t feel good it goes right to my GUT.  I feel a bit ol’ knot, often followed by nausea right here in my belly.  Hard to miss right?

Yes, hard to miss, but somehow it took me years of missing it to finally listen.

My body is my barometer, yours is also.  It is like tuning an instrument, it just takes a little practice and refining to get to the point where we first hear, and second listen.

I am not saying I can do this 100% of the time, but lately, WOW *|FNAME|*, it is really happening, and thank goddess for that!

Here are some POTENT POINTERS for you to cultivate your own BODY BAROMETER.


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