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One thing that I have learned from working with thousands of women over the past decade is that we all have one thing in common.  No matter how old we are, where we live, if we are single or married, in high school or retired, we all want to get our SASSINESS on.  When we feel SEXY down to our SOULS we are tapping into our FEMININE POWER.

Now for those of you out there who are rolling your eyes saying “I can’t find this part of myself”… you are not alone!  Along our very complex journeys as women, including the times when life just doesn’t seem to give us an inch, or we feel trampled by emotions, breakups, postpartum depression, or menopause, it is so natural to loose it our SASS.

We commonly feel out of touch and disconnected with our bodies, afraid to even try to go near SEXY, SASSY or SOULFUL because it is unfamiliar and super SCARY.

Today is about opening the door and walking down into the dark and scary basement where the monsters live to find your personal power in your sacred SASSINESS.

I recently spoke to a client using this exact metaphor, and I remembered how scared I was of the basement as a kid.  I didn’t like going down there in the dark at all, even though I had plenty of room to sport my pink fuzzy roller skates and crank Eye of the TIger (for real).

Instead, I would BEG my little sister to hold my hand to go down the stairs, or even my mom or dad to turn on the light for us before we ventured down.

Today, I will be your little sister holding your hand down the basement stairs.  I will be your parent who turns on the light for you to be sure there are no monsters…let’s do this together.

There are so many ways to embody the SASSY, SEXY. and SOULFUL side of yourself, and you can start as slow as you like.  Here are a few small steps that will get you on the journey.  You can customize, adjust, and get as creative as you like…this is your SASSINESS after all.


This morning when I was getting dressed, I did what I do most mornings…I matched my cute lacy undies to my comfortable colorful bra.  I spent some time standing in front of the mirror appreciating my body, which many days is SO hard to do.  Then I picked out my clothes for the day.

As I got dressed, picked out a necklace and some earrings and put on my makeup, I consciously said to myself you are a GODDESS.  I took the time to feel just right in the clothes I was wearing, to adorn myself with just the right essential oil (today – plumeria) and to give some attentiveness and love to how I would EXPRESS myself in the world today.  It FEELS so good to do this.

I will tell you a little SECRET…I even do this on the weekend.  To me, spending just a few extra minutes adorning myself changes everything.  I don’t buy expensive clothes or jewelry very often, but I find ways to be inspired about my daily adorning…

PRACTICE:  Take just 3-4 extra minutes to adorn yourself when you get dressed in the morning.  Bring in the sacred intention, mantra, or affirmation.  Try sacred jewlery, lingere or essential oils.

2. SACRED Touch ~ ooh la la

There are many ways to wake up your body. One of my favorite is self massage. Many of us are more comfortable with a stranger massaging us than we are with our own special selves.  This can be as PG as you like, a little lotion or body oil (I love coconut oil for this), and a lot of self love can be amazing therapy.    Even if you are in relationship or partnership, nothing is the same as intentional self touch.  Experiment with what feels good, and get to know your body all over again.

PRACTICE:  Pick one night a week where you light a candle, take a bath, and then follow it up with some loving self touch.

3.  Get MOVING

The best way to move energy in your body and wake your body up is to MOVE IT.  What kind of movement you choose doesn’t really matter at all.  If you like walking…WALK, if you like cycling…CYCLE, if you like going to the gym, GO FOR IT.  Make sure there is pleasure involved, and find your MOVEMENT MOJO.

On our yearly Health + Yoga retreats (BALI BLISS 2014), we always include daily dance parties.  The first few days there is some resistance because many women are not used to this, but by day seven, HOLY MOLY, we are ROCKIN the house – one year we even BROKE a floor board – oops.  It is amazing.  Pick out your favorite song, or playlist and have yourself a little dance party!  You will be blown away by how good you can feel.

PRACTICE:  Next time you can find some time in your house or bedroom alone have yourself a little dance party.  Pick your favorite song, and shake it


One of our biggest problems, restrictions and obstacles to our own SASSINESS is this imaginary set of RULES we have superimposed on our lives.  Some of them come from our parents, some from society, and some from the little voice inside our heads that is always trying to SABOTAGE us.

They are NO good and most often get you NO WHERE.  If you can first recognize some of these rules (maybe make a list) and then look them over and ask yourself the question “Is this rule SERVING my highest good?”  Be honest now.  This is the time to get REAL.  Most of our RULES are not doing us any good at all.

Most of all, your SEXY, SASSY, SOULFUL is about living your authentic self all the way.  It is about infusing your life with passion, listening to your body, and creating a RADIANT life you LOVE.  We will show you how in our UPCOMING School for Radiant Living.  Check it out.  You are worth it.

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