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The Science of SERENITY | Health Wise Blog

The Science of SERENITY

How have you been?  How is this transition from summer into fall treating you?

This summer has been full of challenges, hardships, tragedies and re-inventing myself from the ground up.  I feel some relief that we are sailing into fall. What felt like the WAY things were in my life, has now transformed into what we are calling (at my house) the NEW NORMAL.


The interesting part of this journey for me is that I have had feed back from the world at large that I am so SERENE.  My serenity is being reflected back to me from the outside world, both from those who know me well, and those who are new friends, acquaintances and clients.

It is interesting to note that I have received this feedback before, and it always makes me chuckle a little and smile to myself…WOW.  How is that possible with everything I have going on?

This last couple of weeks, with the Boulder floods and a pretty unique transition into fall I have been reflecting on what it is to which these people are speaking.  How have I managed to present SERENITY to the world?

After the floods, the trails in Boulder were closed for what felt like eternity (but was really just over a week).  On my first hike back on my most favorite trail last week, one that I often refer to as my church, I was brought to tears of joy and gratitude.  I realized that this feeling of serenity is something for which I have spent years practicing.  My sacred places, and daily practices have continually led me here.

Through all of life’s ups and downs, hardships, breakups, tragedies, transformations and breakthroughs I am here to share with you my personal distillation of the SCIENCE of SERENITY.

I am totally aware that we all have our own personal recipe for SERENITY, and probably more in common with each other than we realize sometimes.  I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share your serenity secrets herewe love to hear from you!

1.  Authenticity

Every new years eve I have myself a little ritual for the upcoming year.  A few years ago I picked the word AUTHENTICITY to be my focus, my mantra, my intention.  Living your authentic self to me means you are able to shed the layers of mask, remove the walls, and drop the filter quite a bit.  It means being your raw, beautiful, emotional, wise self.  But what I am talking about is showing the world who you really are the majority of the time.

The Boulder culture does support authenticity in a pretty effective way, which is probably why I love it so much here, and why I fit so well in this town.  We do give each other long hugs, and even shed the occasional tear in between the butter and the eggs at the grocery store.

What I really mean though, is I am committed to authentically living with myself.  I share when I want to share, I recluse and process when I want to sit with myself.  Both are good.  The common thread is really that I am in my truth with myself.  The hard emotions come, I sit with them, and then they pass just like all others.  They present their challenging moments, but so do so many parts of living in today’s world.  It is up to me to be authentic to who I am, so that I feel like I am honoring the deepest parts of me.

2.  Daily Practice

Having some method of checking in with myself each day has brought so much insight and awareness to my life.  The morning sessions on my meditation cushion, the practice sessions on my yoga mat, the journal writing I do to guide me through the confusing times, and really any opportunity I have to check in with myself has become so important.  It is like falling in love with myself through personal inquiry and attentiveness.

You, as well, can customize your personal practice you reveal your true self, to align with your own personal spiritual orientation, and inspire yourself into a deeper relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU!

3.  Nature

As I mentioned earlier, I have my own special hiking trail here in town.  I share it with so many others and I am always delighted to see my beloved mountain so full of love and community.  I call it my church because over the years it is where I go to clear my mind, to cry, to celebrate.  I have hiked that trail with my kids, my partners, my best friends, and especially alone.  That mountain has grounded me, held my sadness and shared her beauty with me for the past 18 years.

Being in nature (weather you have a special mountain, or panoramic view or a rock to sit on) resynchronizes us up with the bigger picture.  Nature resets us, and juices us up.  Nature provides us with a bigger birds eye view on life, so that we can gain perspective and knowledge.  YOU ARE NATURE, so remember to get in nature and remind yourself of who you really are as often as you can.

4.  Pleasure

I am a big fan of personal pleasure.  I am committed to changing the face of pleasure for women kind as a whole.  We are so often cut off from the pleasure we deserve to have in our lives.  So many of us feel like because our pleasure meter is often low, we tend to over indulge, binge or feel out of control around our pleasure.

Even in the midst of all that can pull us out of balance, or challenge our daily happiness, we have to start by celebrating the little pleasures.  Taking note of the beauty of the fall days, laughing with a friend, giving long hugs to loved ones, eating some amazing dark chocolate, or having a personal dance party can upgrade our moods, our energy and our overall health.  I have been doing this and it feels amazing.  Celebrate the small pleasures, so that the big pleasures are more attracted to our lives and we can trust ourselves to receive them more and more.


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