The YOGA of EATING Meditation

Today we are speaking about the yoga of eating.  This concept is foreign to many of us as we try to navigate our way through the thicket of health and wellness trends coming to us from the outside world.  Most of these trends claim to be “The only way” to be healthy, the “one way” to find health and vitality.  Often claiming that there way works for everyone.  As much as this could make things simple if you stumbled upon the real “right way” there is also a disconnect and disempowerment in this approach because we begin to trust outside sources more, and listen inward to our intuition less.

There are many times when seeking expert advice is appropriate, and in the end through this advice I hope that you are pointed back to the wisdom that lay within you, the bodies intelligence that is designed to take care of each of us in our own unique way.  The union of the mind-body wisdom that is inherent in all of us.  When we reconnect here, we snyc back up with our own rhythm, our own cycles and in the case of the yoga of eating, our own unique bodily cues to guide us into a healthier relationship with food and self.

The following meditation is designed to give you a way back in.  A doorway into the self through the breath, through the listening and witnessing the sensations, bodily cues and eventually the wisdom that we all have, no matter how disconnected or confused we may be.  The only ingredient you need to begin is faith.  Faith that somewhere inside of you lies this very wisdom and intuition I am speaking of.  I hope you enjoy.


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