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Where is my G-Spot? | Health Wise Blog

Where is my G-Spot?

Sexuality and sexual pleasure is a natural, organic, intimate and health inducing part of being a woman.  Although you may not experience this personally, as many do not, it is entirely possible to create the sex life of your dreams complete with creativity, passion, spirituality, and PLEASURES to fit your unique desires.

We all come with our personal stories, challenges, and sexual fantasies.  In order to practice a healthy sex life, it is important to discern our own personal pleasures from what our media and culture are telling us we SHOULD do, feel and be.

Our sexuality is so connected to our self-image, our self-esteem and our body-image that unwinding from these mixed messages is necessary to free our selves around sexual pleasure.  I like to call this “unleashing the TIGERESS”.

The G-spot

The G-Spot is an anatomical place on the roof of the vaginal canal behind the pubic bone. The G-Spot is both super sensitive to stimulation and can be orgasm inducing for many. Attaining sexual arousal and orgasm via the G-Spot is a delicate art that may require practice and patience.

The G-spot can bear much emotional memory and past trauma. With care and practice, stimulation can allow for deep healing and sexual renewal.

Isabelle Allende, one of my most favorite authors, was once quoted saying “The G-spot is between your ears not between your legs.” Even though this is NOT anatomically true, let’s investigate what she and many others have discovered about women and how we often respond to foreplay, sexuality, and intimate connection.

For women, the SEXY SAVVY BRAIN is responsible for more than you may realize in the bedroom.  Learn some techniques and practices to bring you high levels of pleasure and a little more fun, all in the name of health, freedom and femininity.

Listen to the enlightening downloadable interview from Deb Rubin, sexuality specialist ~  THE SEXY SAVY BRAIN  

Here are some proven-to-work-tips that will change how you think about sex and pleasure.

  • Healthy sexuality starts with YOU.  How much do you LOVE yourself and RESPECT your beautiful body complete with all of the blemishes, cellulite, and imperfections? Because we are so infiltrated with media’s external beauty myths it is critical you work with what you got with LOVE.  NO ONE has a perfect body OR a perfect body image.  Even when you see someone who must “never complain” about their body your are WRONG!  What we see on the outside has NOTHING to do with how a person thinks of themselves on the inside.  Start by practicing loving yourself naked in the mirror and/or awakening the senses through self massage, aromatherapy and personal pleasure.

Tip:  Do not compare someone else’s outside to your inside.  (not a fair comparison)

  • Trust your inner GODDESS ~ she knows.  We all have one, and when our inner goddess speaks we have to listen.  Many women feel obligated to fulfill their partner’s sexual desires and frequently ignore their own erotic or physical needs. Time to take the reigns back!!!  You can customize your sexual experience for your pleasure too.  In fact, most partners find that to be even sexier…

Tip:  Practice listening to the inner GODDESS and pealing her voice away from all of the negative, self critical inner dialogue.  LEAVE the CRITIC at the DOOR.

  •  Get TURNED ON by life.  Being turned on most often does not start in the bedroom.  It starts during your days when you feel inspired about life.  It starts when you wake up in the morning with purpose and a burning desire to be YOU in the world.  It starts when you authentically share your unique GIFTS.  When this is going on, your sexuality is expressed in everything you do + your re-energized self after more satisfying sex has more to give back to the rest of your life.  It is a DOUBLE WIN.

 TIP:  Turn on your life so you can turn on your sexuality (bonus ~ one will fuel the other)

Learn more with the following inspirational reading
The Art of Sexual Ecstacy, Margot Annand
The Pleasure of Menopause, Dr Christiane Northrup
Aphrodite, Isabelle Allende
Mama Gina’s Guide to Men, Mama Gina

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