About Sue

16753 1297168553093 1080517 nSUE VAN RAES is a dynamic and passionate Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach in Boulder, Colorado. Sue specializes in women's health and hosts both individual programs, and on-going women's groups and retreats, both locally and internationally. Sue founded Boulder Nutrition in 2003, where she hosts her private practice. She is the co-founder of Health For Life International, a cleanse company designing programs for yoga studios all over the country.

Sue resonates deeply with the principles and philosophy the yogic teachings offer. Yoga has brought Sue boundless life lessons, evolutions, breakthroughs, and most of all a deep connection with herself as a woman, mother, healer, and lover.

HEALTH WISE is a culmination of her life's continual self-study and work as a Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach, and Yogini. Follow her on Facebook at Health Wise Woman, and be sure to subscribe above before you leave.