Secret #4

Embracing the Feminine

Embodiment of the feminine is an integral piece of the many practices Health Wise offers. As we remember the aspects of ourselves, as women, that integrate all the layers of our being, along with our health and expressionion in the world, we are renewed by our rhythm as women, which is authentic to the cycles of the month, the cycles of nature, and our own personal rhythm.  We can learn and hone our skills in the world, both personal and professional, by embracing the feminine in all it's beauty.healthy-happy-opener

Embracing the feminine becomes our way to live our most authentic selves, including listening to our intuition and wisdom.

As we begin to unravel our own personal mystery, much wrapped up in our femininity and sexuality, we can use this to be empowered in our own lives. We can start with aligning with our own feminine nature as it is today, and/or we can reclaim some of the times past with healing and love. The unique path of the feminine is your way back home to the fullest version of you.

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