Secret #2

Food and Freedom

Most women seek to find pleasure, and nourishment from the food they eat.  Women often connect with their friends and family over meals, and yearn to expereince food with health, creativity, and balance. 

For many of us, this primary relationship can come with complexities, struggles and even self-judgment, shame and stress. We all need to eat to survive, and yet this can be one of the most challenging parts of our lives and often we are confused, mis-informed, and even frustrated with our habits around eating.

cooking classFood and Freedom is designed to bring you back to some of the basic foundations of eating so that you can launch into a new experience around this potentially joyful and nurturing relationship. 

Many many women have worked through these practices to create mind-blowing successes and breakthroughs. You can too! It is not always easy, but move slow, be mindful, and follow these guidelines with awareness and love.  There are many tools here for you. When we heal our relationship with food, anything is possible.  This is the forefront of healing for women, for our culture, and for our planet.





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