Secret #6

Heart and Soul Communication

Do you ever feel like communicating and expressing yourself clearly is a challenge?  Do you yearn for more intamacy in your relationships?  One of the most important ways we share ourselves in the world is through how we communicate with another - and yet, this can be a place of where we feel misunderstood, clumsy with our words, and even afraid to open up and share.NiceHoldingHands

Heart and Soul communication is a communication revolution that will teach you how to use the tools that you already have within your own body and being.  You will feel more open, intimate, and authentic in your life as you become familiar and comfortable applying these practices to your life.  As you have worked through many inner investigations to hone the inner skills of health and happiness, now you get to practice some of the most soulful ways of sharing you with the world.  This is a great opportunity to improve the relationships you now have, while also creating new ones that will fully support you in your life.

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