Secret #3

Flip the Script

It is only human for us to hear our own internal dialogue running through our heads all day long.  If you begin to pay attention more thoroughly, you may find some of the scripts you run are not as supportive and uplifting as they could be.  When we hear these thoughts, and believe them, we are often sabotaging our confidence, our success, and our ability to live the best of ourselves.  

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Flipping the Script is about recognizing where we tend to spiral down into those negative thoughts and beliefs and then learning to cultivate the ability to change, evolve, and re-create some of our most foundational thoughts! Our thoughts are an integral part of our health, so let's get aligned with how we think, and how we want our outer experience to look.

To improve our thoughts, it does take a lot of practice, as we may have had the same ways of thinking for most of our lives. Follow these guidelines, meditations, and tools for further support in upgrading your internal scripts. 

When you see the change happen, celebrate it!  You are working hard.  Loving ourselves sounds easy, but it is often one of our biggest challenges.  You are worth it, you are lovable, and you are a wellness warrior on the path to greater health and happiness, and before you know it, you will see, hear, and feel a big difference.

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