Secret #5

The Path of Practice


Life is continually teaching us, and guiding us to the possibililty of wisdom, happiness, and bliss.  We often get caught up in old patterns, old dialogues, and even self sabotaging stories that can lead us out of alignment with our truth.  The Path of Practice is about being a witness in our lives through our daily practices so that an uplifted mindful version of us begins to infuse into every area of our lives, and every role we play.  

Daily practice is about watching ourselves, watching our thoughts and our actions with a clear set of eyes. Living with more intention and attention.  This is a skill that gets easier the more we practice it.  The good news is, there are many many ways to create daily practice for yourself.  One that matches your energy, your mood, the season, and your personal inspirations.  Try out some of these downloadables, and see what you like, what resonates and sings to your heart.  You can even customize a whole day retreat just for you.  Get creative, and get inspired.

Make time just for you, as your relationship to yourself is the most important relationship of all.

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