Secret #8

The Pleasure Principle

We are put here on this planet to experience pleasure.  It is human nature for us to seek pleasure and avoid pain in whatever it is we do.  Many of us have created lives or had experiences in which we have shut down to, felt out of control around, or even lost the ability to feel pleasure.  Whether we speak of food, sexuality, touch, laughter, dance or friendship, our culture as a whole has become disconnected from our truest experiences of sustainable pleasure.


The Pleasure Principle is designed to help you remember the pleasure you CAN experience, while also providing ways you can trust yourself to choose the pleasures that leave you feeling better than ever.

From chocolate, to orgasms - from swimming naked, to learning to receive a compliment, the Pleasure Principle is your official prescription for pleasure in the most health inducing, freeing, and exciting of ways. You deserve it, from here to eternity.

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