School for Radiant Living 2015 - Year long virtual Women's Health and Happiness program

This years School for Radiant living is right around the corner.  Join a group of like minded women in a loving transformative year to fall in love with you.  This virtual year long program will take you through the journey of feminine radiance with love and support so you live the life of your dreams.

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FALL In Love with Yourself 2014- Fall Cleanse

Seasonal cleansing is an important component to both optimal health and maintenance.  These programs will ensure your body is in tip top shape, that you have balanced blood sugar, and the perfect science tokeep your body free from toxic overload.  Come cleanse with us.  

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Learn more about Metabolic Type Testing® and how to inform yourself on both your Metabolic Type as well as the best ways to nourish your body with the Metabolic Type diet® customized just for you.  

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